My Research Interests

I am a physicist working on condensed matter theories, in particular, strongly correlated quantum many-body systems, and topological orders.

Classification of SPT and SET phases.

Topological phases are new kinds of phases in quantum many-body systems, beyond the Landau's Paradigm of spontaneous symmetry breaking. Part of my research focus on the classification of Symmetry-Protected Topological (SPT) and Symmetry-Enriched Topological (SET) phases, especially ones involving crystalline symmetries.

Real-space construction of crystalline SPT states.
A demonstration of real-space recipes for constructing crystalline SPT phases.

Accelerating QMC using Machine Learning.

Quantum Monte Carlo is a powerful approach to simulate quantum many-body systems numerically. Using the recent advances in Machine Learning, we develop new algorithms that accelerate QMC simulations.

Autocorrelation times.
A comparison showing the acceleration of the new self-learning algorithm.

Quantum spin liquids with topological orders.

Quantum spin liquids belong to a new class of quantum states of matter, known as the topological orders. Part of my research focus on theories of quantum spin liquids, and possible realizations in frustrated quantum magnets.

Illustration of an RVB state, an example of a quantum spin liquid state.